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Factual Statements Are For Suckers…

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Umm, no. Not even close, actually.


Here’s Some Factual Statements

If you thought that bald-faced lie from Jon Kyl was outrageous, then you just didn’t understand what he meant:

Stephen Colbert helps explain it to us further.


An Important (And Under-Reported) Issue for Small Business

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In America circa 2011, there certainly isn’t much on which politicians from either side of the aisle can agree. However, despite the vitriol, violence and outright lunacy, there is one constituency in the country who no politician will deign to disparage: small businesses. Obama singled them out in his SOTU speech and has spent the last few weeks selling them on his new economic proposals. The GOP, for its part, pays them a lot of lip service, though when it comes down to brass tacks, doesn’t really seem to care much for actually helping them out (it’s not even clear that they know what a ‘small business’ is). In any case, everyone can at least rhetorically agree that small businesses are the lifeblood of the US of A.

That’s why this piece from Steve Benen is so interesting. It seems Jeffrey Leonard, CEO of the Global Environmental Fund, recently wrote an article in the Washington Monthly about the issue of payment rates of corporations who contract, especially with the federal government (very large businesses), to their suppliers (small businesses). As it turns out, these very large businesses have benefited from a system gamed to favor them over the little guys. I know, go figure! What this means is that while the small businesses must pay their bills on time, every thirty days, just like you or I, big business can put their payment on a 3-4 month schedule. The result? Small businesses shuttering because big business doesn’t have to pay them what’s owed on time.

Now, I realize this isn’t the sexiest issue. But Benen and Leonard are really hitting on something that could potentially inject a whole shot of adrenaline into the small business community, allowing them to prosper, just like the giants. Just read some of the comments in the post, check out Jeffrey Leonard’s interview with Stephen Colbert and then go read the article. They’ll make you stop and think about how unfair the present system is as it stands and how easily it could be modified to make things more fair. As a small business owner from PA puts it:

“The last 10 years have featured a dramatic push to keep big corporations happy, much of it at the expense of smaller companies that are the real job, innovation, and creativity generators in the economy; and it’s way past time to level the playing field.”



Funny, Fox Didn’t Mention This Rally

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If I told you a rally was held on the national mall this weekend, made up of progressives, liberals and Democrats, and it eclipsed Glenn Beck’s Million Moron March in attendance numbers, would you believe me? I know, I know, none of the mainstream news channels bothered to report on it. There were no megalomaniac cable hosts or certifiably insane former politicians trying to co-opt Rev. King’s message of equality. Also, people who weren’t white showed up! All this makes for a sound byte that is BOOOOORRRRIIIINNG!!!! So, best just to ignore it and pretend it didn’t even happen. Hey, it worked for the anti-war march that featured millions of people prior to the Iraq invasion. Did you know that happened? Maybe you read reports that said “tens of thousands”? Starting to get the picture?

The point is that progressives are not just up against an ignorant, archaic, intolerant conservative movement. Despite the fact that the shrill right-wing has been bank-rolled by extremely wealthy business interests (the Brothers Koch come to mind), their ideas sink them every time.¬† People simply don’t like the message from the right. And why should they? Tax cuts for millionaires and cuts in social services doesn’t exactly jibe with the populist rhetoric they spout day after day and certainly doesn’t cut it with the millions who aren’t filthy rich. No, in addition to a brain-dead right-wing, they also have to contend with a mainstream media that acts as if conservatism is a serious intellectual movement and progressives are all dirty hippies.

Unfortunately, all of the attention from the media will be on a decidedly less progressive rally, the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert extravaganza planned for Oct. 30th. It’s not that I don’t consider these two an island of sanity amongst a sea of ridiculousness, but I feel that they pull attention simply by virtue of being on a cable channel. In some ways, they are part of the problem. If their rating dropped, you can bet they wouldn’t be allowed to continue. It’s a vote of confidence in a left-leaning mindset that their ratings are not dropping, but they also admit to not being news. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc. do claim to be objective but are beholden to the same ratings as the clowns.

We are left to further information by other means. Things like blogs and online sources. Talking to our friends and co-workers. Grass-roots is just that. It’s difficult remaining politically active and lead a normal life. But you can take solace in the fact that your viewpoint is popular. The rally on the mall on Saturday is proof of that. The media and the moneyed interests don’t like it, but progressives have the advantage of being in line with the majority of Americans. All the favorable news coverage and screeching on cable can’t do a thing about it.

Rallies For The Rest Of Us

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Leave it to the internet. It was announced to day that Jon “The Best News Man In comedy” Stewart and Stephen “Truthiness” Colbert will hold opposing rallies in the national mall. Stewart will hold an event to counter-act the recent “Million Moron March” held by Glenn Beck. Titled¬† the Rally to Restore Sanity, he calls it “… a rally for the people who’ve been too busy to go to rallies, who actually have lives and families and jobs (or are looking for jobs) — not so much the Silent Majority as the Busy Majority.” Colbert’s rally, entitled Keep Fear Alive, will focus on mocking the hell out of Beck and his brain-dead minions.

It will be interesting to see how many people turn out for these event considering the popularity of both men. Also interesting will be how Fox News manipulates the attendance records to “prove” that not many people came. If there was ever a gathering on the mall that deserved support, it’s this one. Or two.