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Let’s Talk About ‘Fair Share’

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Steve Benen has a good post today about the persistent meme that’s been making the rounds since the deficit became the holy grail of national political discussion: it’s not fair to ask the wealthiest Americans to pay more in taxes because they already pay so much! John Boehner, ever the voice of the oppressed 1%, said this:

“Come on. The top 1% paid 38% of income taxes in America. How much more do you want them to pay?”

“We are not going to engage in class warfare,” Boehner said, adding: “The president’s clearly trying to do it, and it’s wrong.”

Well, let’s just parse that a bit, shall we? As Steve puts it:

“Just as important, while these very Americans are paying a larger percentage of the nation’s overall income taxes, they’re also paying a smaller share of their personal income in income taxes.”

As a percentage of their income, they’ve seen their tax rate drop significantly. While the top 20% do pay the majority of the income tax, they also control around 90% of the wealth and account for ~80% of the income.  In fact, while the middle and lower classes have seen their wages stagnate and even decline over the past 30 years, the uppermost 1%  have seen their incomes soar by 275% in the same period. And those vast majority who Boehner thinks aren’t paying enough? They’re already poor and don’t make enough money to have to pay!

Beware the Republican bearing statistics about taxes and who pays their ‘fair share’.


999: Not Just an Amazing Band!

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This has been making the rounds the past couple of days so I thought I’d give my dear readers a chance to be super with it! Given that Herman Cain was called out on Tuesday by pretty much everyone for his ridiculous tax plan (one which Rick Perry is now trying to top), this might be a little bit of piling on but when have I ever worried about offending?

Want to know exactly what Herman Cain’s 999 tax plan means for America? Check out an awesome graphic chart after the jump! You might even start to believe in homicide!

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Tax Cuts Debunked with a Single Image

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Daddy Bush called it Voodoo!


How are serious people still convinced tax cuts do a damn bit of good? 60 years of evidence proves you wrong, meatheads.

Imagine That, A Republican Hypocrite

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Yes, when two wars, tax cuts for millionaires and an unfunded Medicare drug program are the priorities, deficits don’t matter. However when aid for the poor, women and minorities to get food, education and health care are the focus, then it’s time for austerity. Could they be any more shameless or transparent? Jonathon Chait nails it:

“Of course, Ryan now takes an extremely dire view of thing government’s long-term fiscal position, as opposed to the wildly optimistic view he took under Bush. I’m sure events have played a role here. But there’s also a clear partisan tint. Republicans dismissed any concerns about the debt under Bush, which allowed their side to freely push fiscal policy in their direction and boost their own popularity by avoiding difficult trade-offs. As soon as Obama took office, they reversed themselves and successfully made fiscal conservatism a powerful constraining force on Obama’s agenda.”

Why anyone, especially anyone in the dwindling middle-class, takes these loons seriously is beyond me.

How Is This Possible? (Updated)

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It absolutely boggles the mind. I’m sure they need another tax cut, though, just to be sure.

Update via Think Progress: Irony is truly dead.

Sunday Quick Links

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So, another lazy Sunday is here. I, however, am buried up to my eyeballs in computing nonsense. But I’m sure I’ll take it easy regardless! In the meantime, here’s some stuff worth checking out:

  • Giant corporations really don’t pay very much in income tax. How patriotic of them.
  • The pro-union rallies in Madison, WI just keep growing, even in heavy snow. In related news, Wacky Teabag Governor Paul LePage of Maine has decided to enter the fray.
  • Robovie PC was the winner of the world’s first robot marathon in Osaka, Japan. His winning time was 54 hours, 57 minutes and 50.26 seconds.
  • The space shuttle Discovery lifted off from Cape Canaveral, FL in its last flight ever. It marks the beginning of the end of the shuttle era for NASA.
  • A fatal five-alarm fire in Brooklyn last Saturday was ignited by candles arrayed around a bed for a voodoo sex ceremony.
  • Researchers at the University of Michigan have built the world’s smallest computer. It’s no bigger than the ‘N’ on a penny.

Heard about anything else crazy and exciting this week?

Are There More Delicate Flowers Than Michele Bachmann’s Breasts? (Updated)

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Not My Arm, I Swear

Factually Insane

First, let me confess that I have a sick obsession with Michele Bachmann. She’s so loony that she very nearly transcends parody into some meta-crazy that can only be appreciated with the right dosage of mescaline. Plus, she has those famous hollow eyes that can see down deep inside your soul. Obviously, I’m smitten.

If you’re a regular follower of the sublime Ms. Bachmann’s screeching tirades, then her latest argument might surprise you. It appears she’s completely imploded in a black hole of reverse logic so dense that it has somehow started to trap light. In a nut shell, she’s upset about that socialist harpy, Michelle Obama, urging women to breastfeed their babies because it’s healthy, promotes immunity, and is generally swell. Sounds pretty innocuous, right? That’s just the socialism talking, people!

In fact, this is more evidence that President Obama’s real agenda (and apparently his wife’s too) is to have the creeping Nanny State™ intrude on every facet of our god-given lives and doubly so if you’re a woman and have a body. Thank goodness the Republican party would never do such a thing! I mean, they hate big government!

What sends this over the edge into true brilliance is means by which Ms. Obama’s minions plan to implement this affront to liberty: a tax credit for breast pumps! Everyone knows that offering tax benefits to influence behavior is the first step towards a new Gulag Archipelago. And no one hates low taxes more than Michele Bachmann! She has charts!

Wait, what? Yes, a virulent anti-tax crusader is somehow arguing against a tax cut because by encouraging healthy behavior, the government is putting in place a sinister plan to control the Muslim Brotherhood, incite the leftists and communists, and spark the coming insurrection. Or am I confusing her with someone else?

The point is, I’m with Crazy Eyes; no tyrannical despot is going to give me healthy advice for my children, even if I agree with it. Good eating habits and breastfeeding are practically the same thing as a gun to the head and we Real Americans prefer our Cheetos, Coke Black and perfectly safe baby formula. Besides, we’re smack in the middle of a budget crisis and all that evil government overspending is endangering our kids enough!

If there is a truer, more coherent argument against Comrade Obama’s insidious breast conspiracy I certainly haven’t heard it.

Update: We knew it wouldn’t be long before $ister $arah got in on the anti-breastfeeding action.