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Happy Black Friday!

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Here’s Occupy OKC mic-checking Wal-Mart. Evidently, even though they were peaceably leaving the premises, Del City police decided that they were enough of a “threat” to start tackling and arresting. If you listen closely, you can hear on of the officers say, “get on the ground or get tased!”

Tased. For yelling in a Wal-Mart and then leaving when asked.

Remember, this is the message:


Big Government is Bad, Right?

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An interesting catch over at digby’s blog: did you know that Alabama has its own Dept. of Homeland Security? Not just a couple of officers, mind you, but a cabinet level agency on top of their state and local police forces, FBI offices, and Federal DHS offices. As digby notes, it’s not surprising that everyone went a little nuts in 2001, creating an entirely new government bureaucracy from whole cloth (with a 2010 budget of nearly $100 billion, by the by) but the extent to which this federal system was mimicked by the  states is staggering. As this WaPo special report lays out, this is a very lucrative and extremely comprehensive network that essentially does the work that the federal agency already does and still manages to find very little to do.

What’s even more striking is how little attention this receives and how it explains things like this:

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It Stands to Reason We’d Get the Bill Wrong Too

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It’s much, much worse than we thought. Keep in mind, the $4 Trillion long-term number is also leaving out such important metrics such as:

  • Future payments for interest on the debt from 2011 forward.
  • Unfunded costs that American[s] paid to care for their war wounded family member[s] (one in five of the cases of serious wounding has this effect).
  • The costs of the CIA Predator and Reaper drone surveillance and strike program in Afghanistan. This “black” budget item, which included the costs of the drones, the operators, fuel, and weapons, is not known publicly.
  • The promised money, yet to be paid, for reconstruction in Afghanistan and Iraq.

…along with some other important items. Here’s the entire report [PDF] written by Neta C. Crawford and Catherine Lutz. It’s a pretty sorry state of affairs all around. Given the low-ball estimates when we began this great colonial adventure compared to what this report outines, there’s every reason to believe that the numbers only get bleaker from here.

Meanwhile, In Spain…

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Police are beating protesters (WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO!). Funny how you won’t hear about this in the Mostly Useless Media. The protesters, by the way, are demonstrating against high unemployment and the ongoing financial crisis hitting the middle and lower classes.

Wait a minute! That sounds like a place I know!

In Case You’re Under a Rock or On the Moon

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Front Page News!

How Could Jim Inhofe Possibly Get Worse? (UPDATE)

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By continuing to support Laurent Gbagbo, the incumbent president who refused to step down from his office after losing an internationally certified election in November and who is now in custody, that’s how:

Yes, that would be the same ‘Happy Face’ now likely facing charges of crimes against humanity in the ICC. I’m sure the fact that Gbagbo is a born-again christianist and incoming president Alassane Ouattara is a Muslim has nothing to do with it.

(Update via TPM) Besides supporting despots, Inhofe apparently likes scaring the shit out of airport construction workers by ignoring closed runways. What a guy!

A New Low For Jim Inhofe

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Sometimes, ignorance is just that. If a person, a US senator, say, wants to remain willfully uninformed on issues that pertain to science and society then I suppose that’s they’re right. It’s no reason for anyone to take them seriously but it’s still a personal prerogative.

This, on the other hand, crosses the line from willful stupidity into outright nefarious. Steve Benen puts it this way:

“With forces loyal to Gbagbo targeting civilians and allegedly responsible for brutal violence, and a refugee crisis unfolding, the international community is rallying in support of the lawful Ouattara government. The U.S., E.U., U.N., and African Union have all called for Gbagbo to honor the will of the people and relinquish power. He’s refused, prompting the U.N. Security Council to place tough sanctions on his regime today.”

Seems pretty cut-and-dried. The Obama administration, along with the rest of the international community recognize that Gbagbo is clearly in violation of a whole host of human rights issues as well as illegally refusing to leave office after a democratic election certified by the AU.

Jim Inhofe feels differently. If this petty tyrant wants to murder and torture his opponents and wage a civil war to remain in power, then all he has to do is throw a few mentions of ‘God’ in his speeches and he’s always got a bed at the C Street house. Remember, the Family takes a vow of secrecy, follows a twisted version of Prosperity Doctrine, supports the murder of gays in Uganda, and regularly helps cover up extra-marital wrongdoing by its members. These are nothing more than a bunch of neo-fascists who believe the country should bow down in fealty to Right Wing Christianism and boast an enormous amount of influence over the governing of our nation. Jim Inhofe is a proud member.

I wonder what the reaction would be on the Right if a secretive, unaccountable Democratic group was offering support to a criminal dictator?

Here’s Inhofe’s DC number –  (202) 224-4721, and the number for his Oklahoma City office – (405) 608-4381. Let’s ask him why he thinks it’s ok to support a murderous criminal and go against his own government and the international community.